Happiness is being together

I am writing this blog so I can share everything I am passionate about and my biggest passion is being a mother! I had three beautiful, natural births, breast-feed my children until they wean themselves, co-sleep, carry my babies and home-educate. My three  gorgeous, happy children are Oliver age 8, Daniel age 5 and Freya age 2. My aim as a mother is to bring up my children to be happy, healthy, caring and passionate about everything they do.

When is comes to home-education I believe children are always learning and it doesn’t need to be forced, just encouraged. I think that music and dancing are fundamental to our well-being so these play a huge part in our day to day lives. Sport is also very important to us and so we are often out on our bikes whether it be for a family cycle or training rides for the boys. To me there is nothing more special than seeing the pure joy in my children when they are outside with nature, playing with blissful freedom. So, we spend lots of time soaking up all that nature has to offer and learning as we go.

My husband and I are musicians and so the freedom we have with home-education allows us to spend more time as a family which I also believe is incredibly important. I intend to share what we do, as well as write about my individual ideas about learning and other aspects of family life!

We are also vegetarian and I really believe eating well can not just affect our health but also change the way we feel emotionally from day to day so I intend to share lots of nutritious and delicious recipes that we have made up together.

To that end I look forward to writing again very soon.